viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009


This beautiful parrot and apparently skateboarder, Gordo, has been a great attraction over a decade in the San Gabriel Valley community of Baldwin Park and keeps being one, at age 30, when some wacko just stole him from his porch cage on Wednesday.

Owners of the Guatemalan parrot are devastated...The parrot is like a child to them.

Police in the area are not surprised to hear the news, as there have been lots of cases of stolen pets to be kept, or sold.

Just between you and me, I would've stolen this gorgeous skateboarder myself.

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Lobster Tan For Amy!

So excited about her new sun bed and so tired from the weekend, Amy fell asleep inside her new acquisition. Lucky her, the thing has an automatic timer and it turns off after 20 minutes, otherwise, we'd have a Roast-Amy auction around the net.
Back To Black singer thought it would be fine after spending so much time in the Caribbean, but an hour later she was just too embarrassed to call the doc.
Poor Amy, have to depend for two weeks on fake tan, but in the meantime, Amy has been offered an Audi after they heard she is learning to drive.
At least in there she'll be safe from the sun...

Come with us on now on a journey through time and space...

According to NME, lovely Noel Fielding and Dave Brown (aka Bollo the gorilla) from genius tv-show Mighty Boosh, are going to DJ at the Easter House Party at The Arches in London Bridge on April 9.

Easter House Party starts 9 PM, ending 5 PM.

Also that nite: Drop The Line, Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 and Half Nelson/Full Nelson.

Be there or be square!

New Facebook Bores To Death

So, basically, the UK Facebook Help Page gets hijacked in a way to protest about how dull and boring it is now it's been changed. Keeping voyeurs away from what they (we) like so much to do around that shitty site.

The part inside the red square reads: New Home Page. We've updated our homepage because we wanted to copy"