jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Mind-Controlling Bacteria?!?

Apparently it prefers our lovely, elegant friends...Cats. But it seems we are not saved...It can live in almost every mammal.

Shocking as it might be, according to certain studies, one third of Brits and 80% of french have it. People studying the subject says it makes men more aggressive and jealous, whether it turns female hosts more outgoing and intelligent (Woo-hoo! If you are a gal, I guess?).
It might be related to eating undercooked meat and owning cats carrying it...I'm doomed.

Check out the entire article here:

And a related article...Apparently the idea of zombies is not that remote around the insects world thanks to some adorable guests:

Does those green antennae look normal?
Here are the ones to blame...Looks familiar?

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Celebrate Originality...Hell Yeah!

L-L-L-Love it!

Full Length Adidas Commercial:

The one I see almost everyday on the telly:

Aaannnddd...A smart promo by UK channell Sky 1: